Monday, July 8, 2013

Cops making up to $230,000 a year who violently invaded the home of an innocent Nevada man

Here is a compilation of publicly available information on the Nevada police officers who violently invaded the home of a totally innocent citizen, Anthony Mitchell, in 2011 (for a summary of that home invasion and links to news coverage, see previous post). The information is taken from a recent anonymous upload, supplemented by links to social media and other websites, and available photos.

Note:  Because all of this information is located elsewhere on the internet (and the anonymous upload itself was derived from public records), it fully complies with the Blogger Content Policy, which states that although it's "not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information," -- for example,"credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers" -- "information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies."

Anyone with additional relevant information should leave it in a comment, so that it can be incorporated in future updates to this post.

Anyone who believes any of this information is in anyway erroneous, or that its publication is in any way legally problematic, should immediately e-mail information documenting the alleged problem, along with a specific request for a redaction or edit, to:

The information on the officers is arranged according to the yearly compensation received by each officer, from highest to lowest.

1.  Sergeant Michael Allen Waller (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2010 compensation (per KLAS-TV $230,384.53         
Born June, 1957 (age 56)
Class of 1976, Rancho High School, N. Las Vegas
1001 Black Olive Street
Henderson, NV  89002-9271
(lives there with his wife Lisa Jane Waller)

Zillow listing
Trulia listing

Registered Republican
Cell phone:  (702) 236-0559

2.  Jutta Gabriele Chambers (Henderson), Chief of Police (retired)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $187,666.13

Born Sept., 1961 (age 52)


Current address unknown; in spring, 2013, sold house at 6664 Isolated Ave., Las Vegas, NV  89110-5156.

Registered Democrat

Was Henderson's first female police officer, and became its first female police chief in 2008.  Forced to retire in disgrace in 2012 because of her mishandling of her department's beating of an innocent, defenseless citizen who was in diabetic shock, the truth of which came out only because of a newspaper's zeal in securing a videotape of the incident. Details at  Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun (here and here).

3.  Officer Angela F. Walter (Henderson)

Total 2010 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $187,666.15
Born Jan., 1974 (age 39)


314 S. Lisbon Street
Henderson, NV  89015-4819

Registered Democrat

 4 . Officer David Wayne Cawthorn (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $178,658.18
Born Aug., 1968 (age 44)


2421 Sterling Heights Drive
Las Vegas, NV  89134-0414
(could be a temporary address; he and his wife Elisabeth apparently bought 3069 Ramrod St., Las Vegas, NV  89108-4312 in 2007, but it was sold at foreclosure on 6/11/2012)

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Registered Republican

Cell phone:  (702) 303-1816

5.  Officer Eric Bryce Rockwell (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $173,489.81

Born June, 1972 (age 41)

LinkedIn page:

Facebook page of possible relevance:

Featured in Discovery Channel's 2006 reality TV series, Fugitive Task Force.  Reviews here.

8316 Preppy Fox Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89131-3938
(lives there with his wife Clarissa; apparently a notice of default on their mortgage was filed 5/4/2012)

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Registered Republican

Landline:  (702) 655-5137
Cell phones:  (702) 525-0174; (702) 635-1144

6.  Officer Drew Albers (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $149,246.17

Born Sept., 1957 (age 56)


3151 Soaring Gulls Drive, Unit 1084
Las Vegas, NV  89128-7025

Trulia listing
Zillow listing 

Judgment for $339 entered against him 9/18/2003, owed to Allied Collection Services, Inc.

Cell phone:  (702) 227-5661

7.  Sergeant Garrett Laurence Poinier (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $140,797.06

Born April, 1972 (age 41)



1273 Vietti Street
Henderson, NV  89012-5011
(Lives there with his wife Sherry Lynn

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Cell phone:  (702) 592-7988

8.  Officer Brian Snyder (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $132,517.47

Biography through 2003 here:

9.  Officer Christopher J. Worley (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $89,624.23

Born Feb., 1975 (age 38)


1888 Wild Indigo Ct.
Las Vegas, NV  89123-3963
(only since May, 2012; possibly a temporary address; he and his wife Samantha Jean Smith bought a home in 2007 at 2504 Anglia St., Las Vegas, NV  89142-2706, but it was sold at foreclosure on 3/14/2011).

Trulia listing
Zillow listing
Cell phone:  (702) 858-9956
Registered Democrat

10.  Officer Ronald Feola (Henderson)
Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $78,672.72


11. Officer Ramona Lynn Walls (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $78,315.44

Born Dec., 1970 (age 42)


3370 Saint Rose Parkway, Apt. 2025
Henderson, NV  89052-4259

Trulia listing

Registered Democrat
New Mexico imposed a tax lien on her on 5/2/2006, in the amount of $5,010

Cell phone:  (702) 283-6557


  1. 160 RCMP in High River Alberta B&E'ed the entire town but only went to houses that they knew had firearms. Seized them and then told the world when they got caught at it they were just protecting peoples property by B&Eing their homes.

  2. Wow!! Having an ax to grind with an officer and then going about it by putting innocent spouses and children at risk, that doesn't seem to be a great way to handle it.

    1. Anonymous. Yeah, chicken shit.

    2. More like God damned traitor pigs. And traitor pigs' families. You maggots are NOT double-naught spies whose families don't understand what you do. They know damn well of your treason, but cheer you on anyway. By your very own Rules of Engagement: "If they weren't associating with criminals, they would not have been harmed!" Hope they enjoy your treason!

    3. Right, because so far these creeps have shown themselves to be willing to stoop to just about anything. Breaking a citizen's door down for no goddamned reason is unacceptable -- and for that matter, "chicken shit." It is entirely reasonable to assume that these "officers" would gladly indulge in retributive action if they were able.

      Maybe in some dictatorship, law enforcement can force citizens to surrender their residences to "assist" with cracking a domestic violence case. Not in America, bub. We're not going to take this shit forever, you know.

      There will come a time when these jack-booted thugs will no longer be able to push around law-abiding citizens who are minding their own goddamned business. And that day cannot come too soon.

  3. I don't think posting this info publicly is a really responsible thing to do. Even if the police officers behaved very badly or made horrible decisions or even abused power. Why answer irresponsible behavior with something just as irresponsible? I'm not defending the police officers' behaviors one bit but this?

  4. Ha Ha Ha, Fuck these Pigs! It doesn't matter that their info is posted. Evil never dies. They will go on feeding the flames of Moloch like the devoted Priest and Priestess they are. No need to raise your blood pressure. Just make it tricky for them to find the entrance to your home, like Dr. Nakamats Home. You can't find the Devil. Just Trick him.

  5. I'm still trying to figure out why a domestic violence case all the way out in Henderson, would need the assistance of officers from North Las Vegas. North Las Vegas is about 20 miles away or more, so what were they even doing their? Does anybody know, because I can't seem to find the answer...

    1. this may be an instance where officers from several local agencies have formed a regional task force that is used for certain situations, and for some reason this instance fell into the task force's purview.