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Cops making up to $230,000 a year who violently invaded the home of an innocent Nevada man

Here is a compilation of publicly available information on the Nevada police officers who violently invaded the home of a totally innocent citizen, Anthony Mitchell, in 2011 (for a summary of that home invasion and links to news coverage, see previous post). The information is taken from a recent anonymous upload, supplemented by links to social media and other websites, and available photos.

Note:  Because all of this information is located elsewhere on the internet (and the anonymous upload itself was derived from public records), it fully complies with the Blogger Content Policy, which states that although it's "not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information," -- for example,"credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers" -- "information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies."

Anyone with additional relevant information should leave it in a comment, so that it can be incorporated in future updates to this post.

Anyone who believes any of this information is in anyway erroneous, or that its publication is in any way legally problematic, should immediately e-mail information documenting the alleged problem, along with a specific request for a redaction or edit, to:

The information on the officers is arranged according to the yearly compensation received by each officer, from highest to lowest.

1.  Sergeant Michael Allen Waller (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2010 compensation (per KLAS-TV $230,384.53         
Born June, 1957 (age 56)
Class of 1976, Rancho High School, N. Las Vegas
1001 Black Olive Street
Henderson, NV  89002-9271
(lives there with his wife Lisa Jane Waller)

Zillow listing
Trulia listing

Registered Republican
Cell phone:  (702) 236-0559

2.  Jutta Gabriele Chambers (Henderson), Chief of Police (retired)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $187,666.13

Born Sept., 1961 (age 52)


Current address unknown; in spring, 2013, sold house at 6664 Isolated Ave., Las Vegas, NV  89110-5156.

Registered Democrat

Was Henderson's first female police officer, and became its first female police chief in 2008.  Forced to retire in disgrace in 2012 because of her mishandling of her department's beating of an innocent, defenseless citizen who was in diabetic shock, the truth of which came out only because of a newspaper's zeal in securing a videotape of the incident. Details at  Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun (here and here).

3.  Officer Angela F. Walter (Henderson)

Total 2010 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $187,666.15
Born Jan., 1974 (age 39)


314 S. Lisbon Street
Henderson, NV  89015-4819

Registered Democrat

 4 . Officer David Wayne Cawthorn (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $178,658.18
Born Aug., 1968 (age 44)


2421 Sterling Heights Drive
Las Vegas, NV  89134-0414
(could be a temporary address; he and his wife Elisabeth apparently bought 3069 Ramrod St., Las Vegas, NV  89108-4312 in 2007, but it was sold at foreclosure on 6/11/2012)

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Registered Republican

Cell phone:  (702) 303-1816

5.  Officer Eric Bryce Rockwell (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $173,489.81

Born June, 1972 (age 41)

LinkedIn page:

Facebook page of possible relevance:

Featured in Discovery Channel's 2006 reality TV series, Fugitive Task Force.  Reviews here.

8316 Preppy Fox Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89131-3938
(lives there with his wife Clarissa; apparently a notice of default on their mortgage was filed 5/4/2012)

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Registered Republican

Landline:  (702) 655-5137
Cell phones:  (702) 525-0174; (702) 635-1144

6.  Officer Drew Albers (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $149,246.17

Born Sept., 1957 (age 56)


3151 Soaring Gulls Drive, Unit 1084
Las Vegas, NV  89128-7025

Trulia listing
Zillow listing 

Judgment for $339 entered against him 9/18/2003, owed to Allied Collection Services, Inc.

Cell phone:  (702) 227-5661

7.  Sergeant Garrett Laurence Poinier (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $140,797.06

Born April, 1972 (age 41)



1273 Vietti Street
Henderson, NV  89012-5011
(Lives there with his wife Sherry Lynn

Trulia listing
Zillow listing

Cell phone:  (702) 592-7988

8.  Officer Brian Snyder (City of N. Las Vegas)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $132,517.47

Biography through 2003 here:

9.  Officer Christopher J. Worley (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $89,624.23

Born Feb., 1975 (age 38)


1888 Wild Indigo Ct.
Las Vegas, NV  89123-3963
(only since May, 2012; possibly a temporary address; he and his wife Samantha Jean Smith bought a home in 2007 at 2504 Anglia St., Las Vegas, NV  89142-2706, but it was sold at foreclosure on 3/14/2011).

Trulia listing
Zillow listing
Cell phone:  (702) 858-9956
Registered Democrat

10.  Officer Ronald Feola (Henderson)
Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $78,672.72


11. Officer Ramona Lynn Walls (Henderson)

Total 2011 compensation (per KLAS-TV):  $78,315.44

Born Dec., 1970 (age 42)


3370 Saint Rose Parkway, Apt. 2025
Henderson, NV  89052-4259

Trulia listing

Registered Democrat
New Mexico imposed a tax lien on her on 5/2/2006, in the amount of $5,010

Cell phone:  (702) 283-6557

Inspiration for, and purpose of, this blog

This blog is inspired by the anonymous posting two days ago (highlighted yesterday in a comment on the Huffington Post) of the home addresses of the Nevada police officers who have been sued for their violent 2011 invasion of  the home of Anthony Mitchell, a totally innocent citizen (ultimately cleared of the trumped-up charges filed against him) -- an invasion mounted, without a warrant, solely because Mitchell had the temerity to politely decline the officers' request to use his home as a command post for a police operation in the neighborhood.  More details available at Courthouse News Service,Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, CopblockReason, Las Vegas Review-Journal, WND, Ilya Somin of Volokh Conspiracy, Marc J. Randazza, and  Pat Dollard,

The purpose of blog is to help see that these police officers (and perhaps other police officers who invade the homes of innocent citizens) are hoisted by their own petard. For you to be hoisted by your own petard is for you "to suffer harm from a plan by which you had intended to harm someone else."  The phrase derives from old English; a "petard" was a bomb, and the phrase was invented by Shakespeare to describe a bomber literally being blown up by his own bomb.

In this case, the police officers intended to, and did, harm Anthony Mitchell by disturbing the sanctity of his home.  They violently invaded his home, pointed guns at him, shot him and his dog (it turned out with non-lethal rounds), which led him to believe he was mortally wounded, and brutally arrested him.  They did all this without a warrant.  They did this because Mitchell said "no" when they asked if they could take over his house for an operation. Had he handed the officers the keys when they first asked to use his house, none of this would have happened.  His only "crime" was in standing up for his right to occupy his own home, and refusing to give in voluntarily to bullying by the police officers.

Would it not be fitting if, as a result, these police officers experienced at least some disturbance in the sanctity of their own homes that they visited on Mitchell, by having their home addresses and other publicly available information widely disseminated on the internet, so that interested citizens have the information needed to lawfully and peacefully protest these actions at the homes of the police officers who were involved?  Wouldn't a practice of widely disseminating such information about all police officers who invade the homes of innocent civilians tend to encourage police officers to think twice about taking such actions in the future?  That is the basic idea behind this blog.  It is hardly original -- for more, consult the first several paragraph of the text file anonymously posted with information about the officers.